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Rideshare Driver Network is a not for profit organisation of drivers working together to create a real alternative to exploitation.

RDN are experienced professional drivers committed to achieving job security and better pay and working conditions for all drivers.

We provide practical help and information to drivers with issues they encounter from deactivation to GST, tax, infringements, and how to tackle pretty much anything on the road. We raise money for drivers in need and create and contribute to existing networks so drivers don’t face trouble, or driving, alone.

RDN are also a founding member of the International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers (IAATW) and a have close working relationship with other driver groups from the UK, USA, France, India, south-East Asia, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and Central and South America.

Membership is $2/week. We don’t want your money. we want your voice. We want solidarity. We know we are stronger when we stand together.

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Latest News

Rideshare Driver Network (RDN), the largest professional association representing rideshare drivers in Australia, has been denied the opportunity to appear in person at the Senate enquiry into the “Closing Loopholes” bill.
Uber & Lyft Drivers in New York, USA, will receive over $500 Million (USD$238M) in the largest backpay settlement the Office of Attorney General has ever won - the full amount will be paid to drivers who have been cheated. Drivers will also receive mandatory paid sick leave, minimum $40 per hour (USD$26) and other benefits.
As part of the 2023 review, MAIC has released a discussion paper seeking feedback on Queensland’s CTP scheme from key industry stakeholders and the wider community. The discussion paper addresses a range of issues facing the CTP scheme and seeks feedback on opportunities to improve the scheme for Queenslanders.

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